Instruction to install custom maps on a server.

Thank you to [ATX]Ro-Longo

Create a desktop shortcut to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\203290

This is where all the workshop maps are located on your PC. Each directory contains the map. You can use the search function to find the correct map.

If you do not have the map on your PC then you need to subscribe to it from the workshop:

Upload both files located in each directory on your PC to the following directory: /0000000/aapg/AAGame/CookedPC/Maps/UMMs

Enter your server ID where I have the Zeros, for Example: /1461890/aapg/AAGame/CookedPC/Maps/UMMs

Once you have the maps uploaded you need to edit two server files.

The main server.ini is where you put the maps on like this: (3 examples)




Now you have to add the maps to the Steam UCG Manager ini:



The numbers will be the directory of where the map is located on your PC.

Make sure you save a resart the server after you have made the changes.

Next start AAPG and enter your server and load each map to make sure it loads properly.

If you havent played that map then you might need to wait for the sharder cache to load.

After you have made sure all the maps work there is one more step.

You will need to load the shader cache the is located on your PC onto the server. This makes it so the server doesn’t

have to load the shaders each time a custom map is ran on the server. You can find the file at :”C:\Users\Owner\Documents\My Games\America’s Army Proving Grounds\AAGame\Published\CookedPC”

Upload this to: /0000000/aapg/AAGame/CookedPC

Once again enter your server info where I have entered the zeros.