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The U.S. Army Made Video Games To Recruit New Soldiers

Some series were created with the end goal being fun, profit, or both. However, for the United States government, there are other reasons to make a video game. America’s Army is one such case, a series now over 20 years in development created and published by an entity not known for its game development history.

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Jason Kelly

aka DZ|Bacon

May 26, 1979 ~ June 14, 2022 (age 43)


Jason John Kelly born in Cold Lake, Alberta on May 26, 1979, passed away peacefully in his sleep June 14th 2022.

Jason leaves behind countless devastated family members and friends.

Jason was passionate about music and the outdoors. Jason loved playing guitar and singing but most of all loved sharing his love of music with his students, who he taught to play guitar. Jason taught himself to play and was an incredibly talented musician. Jason was also an avid fisherman. He’d fish from shore, a dock, or a boat it didn’t matter. What he wouldn’t do is use his expensive lures because he might loose them.

Jason is also most fondly remembered as being genuinely kind, always showing kindness and empathy. Jason also just loved helping people, coworkers and his students.

Jason was embarking on a brand new chapter in his life, from obtaining his learners license for his class 3 license to living in Strathclair and finding new fishing holes. Jason was excited about his brand new future and most importantly he was happy.

Jason left us so suddenly there wasn’t time for good byes or to say things that we wish we could’ve said.

The trouble with time is that you always think you have more of it.

There will be a private celebration of life for Jason at his families home at a later date. If friends and family so desire please consider making a donation in his honour to the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba or the Manitoba Wildlife Federation.